Thanks for stopping by and reading about the happenings of my life!

My name is Emily. I’m 22 and I am a wife of almost 4 years (yes, I did get married at age 18) to my incredibly handsome husband, Evan. When we were first married, we lived in Southern California while Evan finished his time in the Navy. After two wonderfully sunny years, and a few long hard months of a deployment, we moved back to our home state of Washington where Evan is finishing college at UW.  Two weeks before we moved back to WA, we found out we would be joining the crazy amazing life of parenthood. We welcomed our sweet blessing of a baby boy April 19th, 2013. His name is Simon and he is our complete joy! The smile that boy has is contagious and his character that we are beginning to see more of everyday makes us love him even more.

I have been blessed to be able to stay home with Simon and raise him, as well as keeping our household running while Evan works hard to provide for us both now and in the future as he finishes school. I love being a wife and mom. There are days where I wonder how I fell into this role by 22, but I wouldn’t change a thing. One thing I will never regret is being a constant companion to my husband and a mother to my children.

I love to enjoy life in so many shapes and forms, and one way I’ve decided to enjoy life is by collecting snippets of it on this blog to be able to have in the future. I hope you enjoy getting to have a peek inside our simple, but simply wonderful life together.



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