Family Photos

Family Photos

Last month we finally got around to getting some family photo’s taken. Our talented friend Jonathan came and hung out with us and clicked away while we just got to walk around as a family. I love real life pictures. You won’t find me at the nearest portrait studio getting pictures, you’ll find me outside with my family, capturing what our life really looks like.

We dressed for it to be cooler outside, but it ended up being in the high 60’s by the time we were wrapping up. It was such a nice treat!

I was hoping to get family pictures before this baby bump started to make an appearance, but life has been busy as usual, and I’m actually glad we got pictures with the bump included. This is our life right now, bump and all 🙂 I love these pictures and just wanted to overshare a few!

IMG_9659IMG_9438IMG_9486IMG_9570IMG_9723IMG_9809IMG_9831IMG_9428IMG_9526IMG_9537IMG_9638IMG_9654IMG_9701IMG_9592 IMG_9828All photos by Jonathan Lo Photography


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