Half way there!

Half way there!

This week I’m 20 weeks along in my second pregnancy. I haven’t done any updates because, even though it’s been a healthy pregnancy, it’s been HARD. I didn’t write any posts when I was in the beginning of the pregnancy because it probably would have been a lot of whining and complaining about how nauseous and miserable I was.

So, you’re welcome.

I knew that this pregnancy would have it’s differences from my first, but oh goodness, I didn’t expect it to be so different. I was nauseous from waking up until going to bed every day, hardly any foods sounded good, and I hung out with my head over a toilet more than I would have preferred. I know compared to a ton of other women’s experiences, I wasn’t that sick. But for me, it was really tough physically, emotionally and mentally. I was going through a lot in other areas of life in those first few months, so adding sickness on top of it was really rough.

I didn’t start enjoying the pregnancy until about 17 weeks! I’m so thankful that I have started feeling better, and can enjoy it more now.

                                                                        Announcement Photo

We found out a little over a week ago that we’re expecting a girl! I felt like it was a girl from the beginning, but of course, you never know til you know! Evan wanted to wait to find out the gender til delivery, but since I had such a rough first part of the pregnancy and was having a hard time enjoying, I needed something to get excited about and feel more connected to the little one growing inside of me. He said we could of course find out if I was needing it. He’s the best.

                                                                          Starting to make her appearance

We went in for our ultrasound and had both our boy and girl names written out on a piece of paper. We gave it to the tech and told her not to tell us and to just pick the name based on the gender. After we finished with the ultrasound we had an appointment with my Midwife. We decided to wait until we were finished with both appointments before looking at the gender. I started getting butterflies when we were walking out of the midwives office, knowing we were looking in just a few minutes! We stood outside in the sunshine, and counted to three, looked and sure enough, the girl name we picked was the one she put a little smiley face by! I screamed and jumped on Evan, followed by squeals and jumping up and down. I was worried I would scare Simon, but instead he starting jumping up and down to and was saying “Yay!” over and over again while hugging my leg, even though he really didn’t understand what we were doing. 🙂 I didn’t realize how badly I was hoping for a girl until then. Evan was so excited to, but also a little freaked out. He had a huge smile on his face, along with a “What do I do with a girl?” glazed over look. But that went away quickly, and we both were just so excited to know we were going to have a little girl! We went and bought a few little outfits for her to celebrate. What better way to celebrate a girl than to go shopping 😉

Here’s a bit of what the pregnancy has been like in other areas…


  • Nothing to rich or savory
  • Give me all the fruit
  • Popsicle in the first trimester…heaven.
  • Give me all the carbs
  • Finally able to eat salad again, I missed it so much, and am loving having more greens again.
  • Shakeology has been a lifesaver!
  • Meat is still iffy, especially chicken.
  • Slowly adding back in more aversions that I had in the beginning.


I was working out 3-4 times a week before I got pregnant, which I wasn’t doing when I got pregnant with Simon. So this time around, I feel so much healthier and like my body is carrying the pregnancy better than the first time. I still had some visible upper ab definition towards the end of my first trimester, and I definitely didn’t have that last time. I feel stronger, and just all around healthier than I did in my first pregnancy, and I’m really grateful for that.

I was exercising pretty consistently for a good part of the first trimester, but then when the all day nauseous hit, it was hard to exercise without making it worse. So I just tried to focus on nutrition, listen to my body, give it the break it was needing and tried staying active through out the day by walking and playing a lot with Simon. I definitely have gotten out of routine, and I’m ready to consistently get going again with exercising. I’ve missed it!


With Simon I had an OB/GYN and loved her all the way until the birth! She was always so calm and reassuring in my prenatal visits, but once it came to delivery I felt like all the things I talked to her about that we were wanting with delivery went out the window and she went in go mode, and even though we had an overall great birth experience, there were a lot of things that I am hoping we can change this time. So, to hopefully have a little bit more of a less stressful labor experience, I went with Midwives that deliver at a hospital. So far, I’m loving their care and I’m glad I’m going with them this time.


Sweet pea is doing really well. She’s always had a good, strong heartbeat that makes my own heart flutter when I hear it at check ups. I started feeling movement at 17-18 weeks.  A few weeks earlier than I did with Simon. When she is moving around, she really goes at it. At our ultrasound she was going crazy! The tech couldn’t keep up with all her movement. She was literally doing 180 degree turns. She would have her head on one side of my belly one second and then she’d completely flip and have her head on the other side within a few seconds. It was so fun to see how active she was and watch her bounce around during the ultrasound. She has the sweetest little profile, with a rather fabulous nose and lips.

We’re slowly starting to prep for her arrival. We obviously still have some time left, but I know with our busy schedule, a toddler, and summer in a few months her arrival will show up quicker than we think. But her first headbands have been purchased…the important things, you know. We’re off to a good start!    IMG_9659


2 thoughts on “Half way there!

  1. What a lovely little update! I laughed out loud at the, “GIVE ME ALL THE FRUIT” line. I can imagine you saying it and it cracks me up. I’m so excited for your little family and for another little girl to enter the picture! Love you! (this is Molly, btw)

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