As of late…

As of late…

October has been quite the month!

The month started out with my sister and her family coming to stay with us for about a week and a half while my niece was in the hospital for heart surgery. It was a tough, emotional time with good and bad days. My sister and bro-in-law took shifts at the hospital, and during the day I had my nephews here at the house. Two boys under two, and a 6 year old. It was challenging for me to change from having one to three boys all day, but I loved having so much time with my sweet nephews, and had lots of help from other family members and meals brought to us by friends. My niece is amazing, and recovered quickly and was able to go home sooner than expected. God is so good, and I’m so thankful for the way he carried my family though that time.

Who needs a double stroller?!
Who needs a double stroller?!

I also had a birthday at the beginning of the month! Since we had a houseful and it was a stressful time for everyone, it was a low-key birthday, but I’m excited for what this year holds!

The day after my family headed home, I started my online program through NASM to become a Certified Personal Trainer! More on that in the next post. We tried to figure out a new routine with me being a little busier now with school that whole week, and tried to get back into rhythm. Then that weekend, we got out of Seattle and took Simon to the pumpkin patch with Evan’s parents. It was so fun seeing him puddle jumping and pointing to everything and saying, “Ooo! Wow!”.  We spent the night at my in-laws, and the next morning headed to a 5K run while Simon played with his grandparents. It was Evan’s birthday, and it was fun to start the day with him running in the rain and grabbing a cup of coffee before getting Simon.

Birthday 5K!
Birthday 5K!
First time to the pumpkin patch.
First time to the pumpkin patch.
photo 4
My little family 🙂

(Simon also turned one and a half the day after Evan’s birthday! More about that later, too).

After we were back home, and had most of the week to ourselves, we got a surprise visit from my best friend from high school and her family who lives in Oregon. They were coming up for a friends memorial service, and they stayed with us for 4 days. It was so great getting some unexpected time with them. I’m so thankful that after all this time, we’re still best friends.

Now, that they are back home we are planning on doing a whole lot of nothing for a while! While we’ve LOVED having people we love in our home, we’re pretty worn out and need to start taking care of ourselves again.

We’re ready to play outside in the leaves, try new recipes, study (SO MUCH STUDYING going on in this house right now), light some fall candles, hang with friends and just be a family!

Just doin' laundry...
Just doin’ laundry…

While we’re hoping to just hunker down a bit and get back into our routine, it’s not going to stay that way for long! Because, in three short weeks my mom is getting married!! Oh gosh. Crazy. And so exciting.

But, *deep breath* for now, it’s time to go make scones.


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