There are so many things on my mind right now. And instead of trying to choose which topic to talk about, I’ll just get them all of my head and entertain you for a few minutes with the randomness that is bouncing around in my brain. I’m thinking about things like:

1) How hard this day has been. (fussy baby + hot apartment = Tired mama)
2) How excited I am about our upcoming anniversary plans. We’re going to go be kids again. I can’t wait.
3) Biblical archaeology. It’s fascinating.
4) Narnia. Who doesn’t daydream about Narnia?! I hope it’s what Heaven is like.
5) What I want to invest my time in.
6) How I want to get back into reading books again, a lot of books. And cooking.
7) My relationship with God. I feel on the edge of something big with him. Maybe not, but he’s at least stirring my heart a lot for doing something ‘big’ for Him. And I’m trying to carefully draw what that thing is out, but being patient for God to reveal it to me, and preparing myself for whatever it may be.
8) How thankful I am for my husband and his kindness to me, and how I can return it to him. I want to love him better.
9) My vacation to the UK and Paris. Just to clarify, I’m not actually going anytime soon, but I’ve been dreaming and planning a lot lately about when I finally do go. It makes me almost cry when I think about it. It’s going to be uhhhmazing. Maybe I’ll even run into Kate… Prince George and Simon could have a play date while we chat, and Wils and Evan can talk military things. Like I said, it’s going to be amazing. 🙂
10) How I would love to just escape with my family somewhere. Somewhere where my phone doesn’t work, there’s no WiFi and all you can hear is nature. No cars, no city, no nothing. Just wide open space, a lake (preferably) and really good coffee to sip in the morning when I wake up and a deck to sit on. That’s sounding amazing about right now. The city is overwhelming me, and I want to just take time to relax and regroup. Like, really really relax. We need it.
11) My hair. It’s becoming a situation.
12) Fitness. I’m praying for a solid answer that I’m supposed to truly get certified at a personal trainer or not. I want it to be what I’m really supposed to do. Thinking and praying a lot about it, and so excited about the possibilities.
13) Our possible hike on Mount Rainier soon, I’ve been wanting to go for a long time, and I’m really excited to get out in the fresh mountain air.
14) How much I miss playing the piano and guitar, and how I need to pick the guitar back up. Which leads me to think about how excited I am for when we finally have a house and room to finally put my piano in it!
15) Which prints I want to get from Naptime Diaries our living room. (The linky thing wasn’t working, so you’ll have to Google if you want to check it out. I love her stuff and heart so much.)

There’s just a few thoughts! I told you there was a lot on my mind. I’ll go into more detail about a few of those things soon hopefully, but for now this will have to do.

Well, I’m now headed back home, with two cute guys there waiting for me.
I’m one blessed girl.


2 thoughts on “Thoughts

    1. Emily– I am here in my teeny Spokane cottage enjoying the last few minutes of fresh air of the morning–before I shut everything up for the roasting temps!
      I seldom check blogs these days (so few people write!) and I very much enjoyed finding yours this morning. Such a sweet share. So much of your young thoughts resonate with this older soul! Narnia and Europe and nature and loving better and waiting on new things from God! Blessings on you! Love that God has young women like you to smile upon as His next generation of hearts commited to Him. Be of good courage!

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