Summer Is Here!

Summer Is Here!

I’m a little late in saying this, but school is done for the year, and summer is here!

And what comes with summer being here is two whole glorious days off! During the school year, Evan works weekends, and is busy 7 days a week. It wears us out quickly, especially Evan. But we’re on a summer schedule of him working full-time and having Monday and Tuesdays off. It feels like we have so much freedom, and it gives us the boost we need to fill up on energy and get ready for another school year.  I’m so thankful for all his hard work so that I can be a full-time Mama to Simon. Also, We’re the halfway point! Two more years to go and then Evan will be done with school! We can do this, we can do this…IMG_1779

The first couple years when quickly, with having a new baby, moving and settling into a new city. It will be fun to see what these next two years bring!

I started the summer off by flying with Simon to Oregon to visit my best friend since high school for a little over a week. It was so good to catch up (since we’re terrible at talking on the phone) and being able to meet her sweet new baby girl. The boys had fun playing together (most of the time), and we loved the endless conversation and over-indulgence of iced coffees. Simon had a pretty rough time adjusting to a new house, different routine, and hotter weather. But about 5 or 6 days in (ha!) he managed to pull it together and was back to his normal, happy self. Which was a good thing, cause this Mama was going a little crazy with being a single parent for the week and having a miserably fussy baby. It was a great trip though, and it a perfect start to the season. IMG_1574

We have a lot of fun things planned for the next few months. So, hopefully I can stay up with it all on here! Since, I’m so consistent with blogging anyway 😉

Here’s a few pictures of life recently:


{Sisters! We all showed up for a Memorial Day BBQ wearing patriotic stripes, and didn’t even plan it!}


{His favorite spot to sleep. Sideways, in the corner of the crib. I’ll bring him back to the center, and within a few minutes he’s curled back up in his spot.}


{Snack break at the sprinkler park in Oregon}


{He loved it. He’s definitely a water baby!}


{So glad to be back with Daddy after our trip! Simon spotted him right away, pointed and starting saying “Dad! Dad!” and then kept giving him hugs.}


{Father’s Day at Golden Gardens!}


{Peek-A-Boo with Don}


{Cousin’s crashing after playing hard.}


{A morning at the park with wonderful friends!}


{All boy.}




One thought on “Summer Is Here!

  1. Wow! Half way already!!! Good on you guys!!!
    Fun pictures! I see that I have been replaced…Don with the boys, not Nana and the boys. Hmmm??? 🙂

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