Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day.

I’m a little late to getting this up, but still wanted to write about my Mother’s Day this year!

First off, where last year’s Mother’s day was so so special because it was my first, Simon was only a few weeks old and I was still recovering from delivery, I had a very cloudy baby brain, and was exhausted. I don’t remember hardly anything from the day besides the fact that I was so excited to get a flower at church. I had always handed the flowers out to the mom’s at church growing up, and so to be on the other end of that was pretty fun. That’s pretty much all I remember. Evan and I couldn’t even remember what he got for me! Sad, I know, but that’s just the stage we were in!

This time around was so fun. Simon woke up around 6:30 and we brought him in bed with us. We all just chilled out for a bit longer, snuggled and played with Simon and finally got out of bed around 7. Evan gave me his gift for me…which I was kind of worried about. He kept prefacing it with, “I really hope you like it.” “It’s just odd, but I think you’ll like it….I hope.” I didn’t know what to think! Was I going to have to grin and bare it, or was he just trying to get me to think it was something strange.

First, he gave me different magazine options to choose from to get a subscription too. I’ve never subscribed to a magazine…I feel like I’ve arrived to adulthood in a way. 🙂 His choices were great, from home decor and food to travel magazines. He knows me well. I thought that it was so sweet.

Then the other present was a gym membership! Now, you know why he was a little worried as to what I would think. “Happy Mother’s Day, Sweetheart! Go workout.” Ha! I have been wanting a membership since we moved up here, but just hadn’t gotten it yet. I was so excited! I have been working out at home with Fitness Blender, which has been great and I love the results, but I’m ready to step it up a notch and be able to get out of the house a lot more often too! Headed there today to get everything set up!

After breakfast, we went for a little walk to get coffee and then Evan got me African Violets. We came back, got ready and headed off to church. Evan’s parents met us there, which was a nice treat since they live about an hour away. After a wonderful service, we went out to lunch at BOOM I had been wanting to try for a long time, and it was great! It’s like modern Asian cuisine. So yummy. Then we grabbed some frozen yogurt and then went home. We had a little time to spare before Evan went to work, so we relaxed for a bit. After he left, I just enjoyed my time with Simon. He was great all day, and we had fun playing together. He’s walking 75% of the time now. He’s still trying to figure out how to stand up on his own, without anything to pull himself up on, but he’s getting there! So fun to see him growing! After I laid him down for bed, I enjoyed a glass of wine and a little chocolate and relaxed until Evan got home.

It was a wonderful day!

I love that Evan and I get to be parents together.  I love being Simon’s mom. I love our little family.

I’m blessed!



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