Dear Simon,

Dear Simon,

Dear Simon,

You are now a year old! On Saturday, we celebrated your first year with family, cake and presents. You cried when we sang you “Happy Birthday”, and then kept crying when we gave you cake. So, we took a break, opened presents and then tried the cake again. You liked it the second time! Image

It was a big day of firsts for you! Your first birthday, first haircut and you took your first steps! The first steps you took was to your Nana, then you took a few more to your dad. We were so proud of you! Image

This last year has been on of the best of my life, and one of the hardest. You have taught me how to be a mom. There were days where I felt like I had this whole mom thing down, and like it was easy and we conquered the day together. Then there were days, where I wondered how God thought I was capable of taking care of you. There have been a lot of naps, coffee and tears and short tempers. I’m sorry for the days that I haven’t been my best for you. I know there will be a lot of days like that in the future, since I’m not perfect. But we will learn and grow together, and I will continue to try to be the best mom I can be for you. 

You bring so much joy and life to our days. You greet us with a smile every morning and wave goodbye to us at bedtime with a big grin on your face. You fill the house with sweet noises of playing, jabbering, singing and laughing. You make us laugh with your eyebrow raises, your silly faces, the way you like to be chased and wrestled with, the way you try to shove as many Goldfish crackers in your mouth as possible because you love them so much, and all the other funny things you do. Life is better with you in it! You are such a little character. 

You also have a very serious, curious side to you. You are very aware when you’re in a new place. You check everything out and take it all in before you let yourself play or trust someone. You are starting to get more adventurous and social, but you are still very cautious. I love that side of you and that you pay attention to things before you fully dive in. I hope that is a characteristic that stays with you. Image

You also love food. You’ve recently decided that you’re done with nursing and baby food, which I’m really happy about. You want to eat everything! Right now you love eggs, yogurt, almond butter on bread, strawberries, cheese, avocados, cucumbers, and anything your dad and I are eating. 

Recently, you also decided to start sleeping through the night! You’ve rarely been waking up, besides an 5 am bottle, and sleeping until 6:30 or 7:00 am. Since I have never been a morning person, you have taught me how to enjoy being up while the sun is rising, and having more of the day to spend with you and your dad. Most days. Sometimes, I wish you liked to sleep in and I don’t want to get out of bed when I hear you telling us your awake in the morning. But, I know in a few years I’ll be having to drag you out of bed, so I’ll just take these early mornings of coffee and play time and enjoy them. Image

I can’t wait for all the things we have to look forward to this year. You have so many ‘firsts’ to come, and I can’t wait to be there for them all. I can’t wait to play with you this summer, maybe take you to the zoo and show you all the animals, eat juicy watermelon outside on a hot day, maybe swim lessons too! You are growing so quickly every day. There’s proof of that by a shirt you fit in one day and grow out of the next. You are no longer a little baby, but a toddler on the verge of discovering so many things! Image

This second year of your life will be so good, just because you are you and we get to spend our days with you. Image

We are so thankful for you, and pray for you every day. Our hearts of so full because of you.

I hope you know how loved you are, little one. 






Morning Getaway

Morning Getaway

This morning, Evan walked through the door after getting back from the gym, he said, “Hello, family!” I responded with a bland, “Hi.” I was in the middle of an ab workout with Simon in the walker crying and repeatedly saying “Mama, Mama, Mum, Mum, Maaaaaaammmmaaaa.” I looked calm, but inside my patience was reaching it breaking point. I finished the workout, while Evan played with Simon and then when I was finished I left the room. Evan followed me and asked if I was alright. I responded with a “Mmhmm.” He grabbed me by the shoulders  and said, “Whoahhhh, nope, what’s wrong?” I said, “I need a break.” To that he responded with, “Go. Go take a shower and go.” I love that man. He loves me well. I got in the shower at 8:11 and was in the car by 8:24. Days like these where I’m just so tired, and feel like a bad mom because I need a break from my baby who I love more than I can describe, I’m grateful for a husband, who cancels his morning plans just so sit and drink a cup of coffee, take a breath and not have my clothes tugged on for an hour or two.

I love my family. I love being home taking care of Simon, running our home and being there for my husband. I love it. I really really do. But, there’s also those times where I start to forget who I am without a baby on my hip and a load of laundry to do. Lately, I’ve been feeling a little over my head with life, but trying to keep it together. There’s been a lot going on, a lot of good things like planning a birthday party for my little 6lb, 3 oz baby who is somehow turning 1…what?!… but we’ve been busy. I’ve been needing time to just get away and collect my thoughts and breathe.

After I ordered my coffee and my giant blackberry scone that completely negated the 25 minute ab workout and sat down, I instantly felt a lot of stress melt away. It was a glorious feeling!

I spent some time praying about what the Lord has for me in this season of life. Lately, I’ve been feeling a little lost in who I am and that I need to find that “thing” that I can call mine. Whether it’s a hobby, skill or job, I have been wanting to find that thing that I can be proud of aside from being a wife and mom. That might seem silly, but it’s important to me. Above all else, I’m seeking to be truly content in what I have right now in life, making the most of the day, loving my family well, maybe taking a few more breaks more often so my husband doesn’t have to kick me out of the house, and trusting that He will show me what he desires for me in his time. The verse I read this morning while I sipped my vanilla latte was:

Psalms 39:7 – And now, O Lord, for what do I wait? My hope is in you.

Such a small verse, but exactly what I needed. I have been searching and wondering what God has for me in this area, and what is exciting is I think I may know what that “thing” is now. I’m excited to start diving into it and see what comes from it. Maybe more on that later 🙂
So, now that I feel like I can breathe again, I feel at peace,  and my thoughts aren’t intersecting each other anymore and making my brain feel like a mess, I’m going to go home and kiss my husband and my baby and have a really good day.IMG_0591

Also, this was a good read this morning, even though I’m in my early twenties:

20 things I wish I’d know in my late twenties.


Let’s try this again…

Let’s try this again…

Hi! This is the new blog! I have been wanting to switch from Blogger to WordPress for a long time and just never got around to it until now.  I’m excited about this new little space and with it I hope to make it into the blog I really want. 

I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with blogging. I love keeping memories stored, but have never been consistent with it. Also, I realized that I usually blog for other people. What I think might interest a reader, and want them to come back again. I’m not going to do that anymore. Time to make this my own, and if that means I have only one reader and not a thousand, then so be it. I’m just going to enjoy writing and posting a bazillion pictures of my baby and cute husband and our everyday life. Join me if you’d like 🙂


If you want to check out the old blog you can find it here.