Family Photos

Family Photos

Last month we finally got around to getting some family photo’s taken. Our talented friend Jonathan came and hung out with us and clicked away while we just got to walk around as a family. I love real life pictures. You won’t find me at the nearest portrait studio getting pictures, you’ll find me outside with my family, capturing what our life really looks like.

We dressed for it to be cooler outside, but it ended up being in the high 60’s by the time we were wrapping up. It was such a nice treat!

I was hoping to get family pictures before this baby bump started to make an appearance, but life has been busy as usual, and I’m actually glad we got pictures with the bump included. This is our life right now, bump and all ūüôā I love these pictures and just wanted to overshare a few!

IMG_9659IMG_9438IMG_9486IMG_9570IMG_9723IMG_9809IMG_9831IMG_9428IMG_9526IMG_9537IMG_9638IMG_9654IMG_9701IMG_9592 IMG_9828All photos by Jonathan Lo Photography

Half way there!

Half way there!

This week I’m 20 weeks along in my second¬†pregnancy. I haven’t done any updates because, even though it’s been a healthy pregnancy, it’s been HARD. I didn’t write any posts when I was in the beginning of the pregnancy because it probably would have been a lot of whining and complaining about how nauseous and miserable I was.

So, you’re welcome.

I knew that this pregnancy would have it’s differences from my first, but oh goodness, I didn’t expect it to be so different. I was nauseous from waking up until going to bed every day, hardly any foods sounded good, and I hung out with my head over a toilet more than I would have preferred. I know compared to a ton of other women’s experiences, I wasn’t that sick. But for me, it was really tough physically, emotionally and mentally. I was going through a lot in other areas of life in those first few months, so adding sickness on top of it was really rough.

I didn’t start enjoying the pregnancy until about 17 weeks! I’m so thankful that I have started feeling better, and can enjoy it more now.

                                                                        Announcement Photo

We found out a little over a week ago that we’re expecting a girl! I felt like it was a girl from the beginning, but of course, you never know til you know! Evan wanted to wait to find out the gender til delivery, but since I had such a rough first part of the pregnancy and was having a hard time enjoying, I needed something to get excited about and feel more connected to the little one growing inside of me. He said we could of course find out if I was needing it. He’s the best.

                                                                          Starting to make her appearance

We went in for our ultrasound and had both our boy and girl names written out on a piece of paper. We gave it to the tech and told her not to tell us and to just pick¬†the name based on the gender. After we finished with the ultrasound we had an appointment with my Midwife. We decided to wait until we were finished with both appointments before looking at the gender. I started getting butterflies when we were walking out of the midwives office, knowing we were looking in just a few minutes! We stood outside in the sunshine, and counted to three, looked and sure enough, the girl name we picked was the one she put a little smiley face by! I screamed and jumped on Evan, followed by squeals and jumping up and down. I was worried I would scare Simon, but instead he starting jumping up and down to and was saying “Yay!” over and over again while hugging my leg, even though he really didn’t understand what we were doing. ūüôā I didn’t realize how badly I was hoping for a girl until then. Evan was so excited to, but also a little freaked out. He had a huge smile on his face, along with a “What do I do with a girl?” glazed over look. But that went away quickly, and we both were just so excited to know we were going to have a little girl! We went and bought a few little outfits for her to celebrate. What better way to celebrate a girl than to go shopping ūüėČ

Here’s a bit of what the pregnancy has been like in other areas…


  • Nothing to rich or savory
  • Give me all the fruit
  • Popsicle in the first trimester…heaven.
  • Give me all the carbs
  • Finally able to eat salad again, I missed it so much, and am loving having more greens again.
  • Shakeology has been a lifesaver!
  • Meat is still iffy, especially chicken.
  • Slowly adding back in more aversions that I had in the beginning.


I was working out 3-4 times a week before I got pregnant, which I wasn’t doing when I got pregnant with Simon. So this time around, I feel so much healthier and like my body is carrying the pregnancy better than the first time. I still had some visible upper ab definition towards the end of my first trimester, and I definitely didn’t have that last time. I feel stronger, and just all around healthier than I did in my first pregnancy, and I’m really grateful for that.

I was exercising pretty consistently for a good part of the first trimester, but then when the all day nauseous hit, it was hard to exercise without making it worse. So I just tried to focus on nutrition, listen to my body, give it the break it was needing and tried staying active through out the day by walking and playing a lot with Simon. I definitely have gotten out of routine, and I’m ready to consistently get going again with exercising. I’ve missed it!


With Simon I had an OB/GYN and loved her all the way until the birth! She was always so calm and reassuring in my prenatal visits, but once it came to delivery I felt like all the things I talked to her about that we were wanting with delivery went out the window and she went in go mode, and even though we had an overall great birth experience, there were a lot of things that I am hoping we can change this time. So, to hopefully have a little bit more of a less stressful labor experience, I went with Midwives that deliver at a hospital. So far, I’m loving their care and I’m glad I’m going with them this time.


Sweet pea¬†is doing really well. She’s always had a good, strong heartbeat that makes my own heart flutter when I hear it at check ups. I started feeling movement at 17-18 weeks. ¬†A few weeks earlier than I did with Simon. When she is moving around, she really goes at it. At our ultrasound she was going crazy! The tech couldn’t keep up with all her movement. She was literally doing 180 degree turns. She would have her head on one side of my belly one second and then she’d completely flip and have her head on the other side within a few seconds. It was so fun to see how active she was and watch her bounce around during the ultrasound. She has the sweetest little profile, with a rather fabulous nose and lips.

We’re slowly starting to prep for her arrival. We obviously still have some time left, but I know with our busy schedule, a toddler, and summer in a few months her arrival will show up quicker than we think. But her first headbands have been purchased…the important things, you know. We’re off to a good start!¬†¬†¬†¬†IMG_9659

As of late…

As of late…

October has been quite the month!

The month started out with my sister and her family coming to stay with us for about a week and¬†a¬†half while my niece was in the hospital for heart surgery. It was a tough, emotional time with good and bad days. My sister and bro-in-law¬†took shifts at the hospital, and during the day I had my nephews here at the house.¬†Two boys under two, and a 6 year old. It was challenging for me to change from having one to three boys¬†all day, but I loved having so much time with my sweet nephews, and had lots of help from other family members and meals brought to us by friends.¬†My niece is amazing, and recovered quickly and was able to go home sooner than expected. God is so good, and I’m so thankful for the way he carried my family though that time.

Who needs a double stroller?!
Who needs a double stroller?!

I also had a birthday at the beginning of the month! Since we had a houseful and it was a stressful time for everyone, it was a low-key birthday, but I’m excited for what this year holds!

The day after my family headed home, I started my online program through NASM to become a Certified Personal Trainer! More on that in the next post. We tried to figure out a new routine with me being a little busier now with school that whole week, and tried to get back into rhythm. Then that weekend, we got out of¬†Seattle and¬†took Simon to the pumpkin patch with Evan’s parents. It was so fun seeing him puddle jumping and pointing to everything and saying, “Ooo! Wow!”.¬† We spent the night at my in-laws, and¬†the next morning headed to a 5K run while Simon played with his grandparents. It was Evan’s birthday, and it was fun to start the day with him running in the rain and grabbing a cup of coffee before getting Simon.

Birthday 5K!
Birthday 5K!
First time to the pumpkin patch.
First time to the pumpkin patch.
photo 4
My little family ūüôā

(Simon also turned one and a half the day after Evan’s birthday! More about that later, too).

After we were back home, and had most of the week to ourselves, we got a surprise visit from my best friend from high school and her family who lives in Oregon. They were coming up for a friends memorial service, and they stayed with us for 4 days. It was so great getting some unexpected time with them. I’m so thankful that after all this time, we’re still best friends.

Now, that they are back home we are planning on doing a whole lot of nothing for a while! While we’ve LOVED having people we love in our home, we’re pretty worn out and need to start taking care of ourselves again.

We’re ready to play outside in the leaves, try new recipes, study (SO MUCH STUDYING going on in this house right now), light some fall candles, hang with friends and just be a family!

Just doin' laundry...
Just doin’ laundry…

While we’re¬†hoping to just hunker down a bit and get back into our routine, it’s not going to stay that way for long! Because, in¬†three short¬†weeks my mom is getting married!! Oh gosh. Crazy. And so exciting.

But, *deep breath* for now, it’s time to go make scones.

4th Anniversary!

4th Anniversary!

Today is our 4th wedding anniversary.

A few days ago Evan said to me, “I don’t know what’s crazier…that it’s been four years, or that next year will be 5!” Next year will be our first big milestone anniversary, and I’m sure I’ll write about it then too, but this year feels big to me.

We have done a lot in four years. We’ve lived in two states, moved 4.5 times (one was just a transition month of staying with family until we got our own place), gone through a deployment, weeks of training and being separated, ups and downs of life, arguments, date nights and weekend getaways, a mission trip, both of us being in school at different points, Chuck marathons on Netflix (twice), 6 jobs between the both of us, having a baby and lots of other things. We’ve been busy.


{Home from deployment after 6 months}

From the first time I met Evan, while we were shaking hands, (and as a 15 year old) I thought, “Wow, he’s really cute.” But then I thought, “He’s going to be in my life from now on.” I was surprised by that thought, and didn’t know exactly what it would mean. Now I realize it was like a little nudge from God and him saying, “Hey, guess what? This is your husband!” I get butterflies when I think back to that moment. It was our beginning.

n765957549_1413757_5833 {First Date!}

When we decided to get married, we had an awesome support system, but there were also the people that thought we were crazy. There were lots of comments of, “Who gets married at 18 and 21 years old anymore”, “You’re rushing it.” “He’s in the military, he’ll probably cheat on you.”, “You should date more, you’re too young to commit to someone. You need to experience more men.”, “Are you just marrying him for the benefits of the military? The extra money, ¬†free college, and kids…”.

People didn’t think we’d make it, and didn’t think we were getting married for the right reasons. It was hard at times having to defend my relationship as an 18 year old, ¬†but I did because I knew we were made for each other, and meant to be together.
Pictures 569

I’m no expert on marriage, but if I could give any advice to a couple it would be…be best friends! Evan and I were friends for a year and a half before we told each other our feelings. Yes, we also had a romantic interest in each other the whole time that we kept to ourselves, but we also grew to respect each other, pray for each other, trust each other and shared a common faith with each other while we became friends. Which is something that is so important in marriage. Our foundation was strong going into our wedding day, and I think it made all the difference in the world.


One thing that I love about our marriage is how much fun we have with¬†each other. We laugh all the time. We poke fun at each other, we are super sarcastic (it’s like our love language. HA!) and we have fun together! Sometimes we talk about how we should be more mature in our relationship. How we should stop doing certain things because sometimes we still act like we’re 18 and 21. But you know what? I wouldn’t change it. I want us to be young at heart. Life is to short too take everything too seriously. I don’t want to look back when I’m 70 and think about all the serious and mature things we did. I want to remember all the fun times we had, all the laughs we shared and all the exciting times together. Plus, we’re still so young! Sometimes I forget that I’m only almost 23!! I keep getting told, “These are the best years of your life together. Enjoy them!” I want to do just that.There’s plenty of time already that we have to be “adults”. ūüôā


I know we’ve only begun, and these four years are such a little piece out of the 60 + years I hope we have together still. But, I guess I’m just feeling proud today of that fact that we beat the odds, ¬†and that we have a healthier, stronger, and happier marriage than the day we wed!

I’m so excited for the year to come (and all the rest!). We have a lot of decisions, planning, goals, dreams, hopefully more children and experiences ahead of us. I can’t wait to see where God takes us. We just want to be used for Him. We’re so open to whatever He has in store, that I know it’s going to be such a wonderful adventure. I feel so blessed to be able to go on that adventure with the one that I love the best¬†and most.EmilyEvan856

Here’s to another year of loving each other and doing life together.



There are so many things on my mind right now. And instead of trying to choose which topic to talk about, I’ll just get them all of my head and entertain you for a few minutes with the randomness that is bouncing around in my brain. I’m thinking about things like:

1) How hard this day has been. (fussy baby + hot apartment = Tired mama)
2) How excited I am about our upcoming anniversary plans. We’re going to go be kids again. I can’t wait.
3) Biblical archaeology. It’s fascinating.
4) Narnia. Who doesn’t daydream about Narnia?! I hope it’s what Heaven is like.
5) What I want to invest my time in.
6) How I want to get back into reading books again, a lot of books. And cooking.
7) My relationship with God. I feel on the edge of something big with him. Maybe not, but he’s at least stirring my heart a lot for doing something ‘big’ for Him. And I’m trying to carefully draw what that thing is out, but being patient for God to reveal it to me, and preparing myself for whatever it may be.
8) How thankful I am for my husband and his kindness to me, and how I can return it to him. I want to love him better.
9) My vacation to the UK and Paris. Just to clarify, I’m not actually going anytime soon, but I’ve been dreaming and planning a lot lately about when I finally do go. It makes me almost cry when I think about it. It’s going to be uhhhmazing. Maybe I’ll even run into Kate… Prince George and Simon could have a play date while we chat, and Wils and Evan can talk military things. Like I said, it’s going to be amazing. ūüôā
10) How I would love to just escape with my family somewhere. Somewhere where my phone doesn’t work, there’s no WiFi and all you can hear is nature. No cars, no city, no nothing. Just wide open space, a lake (preferably) and really good coffee to sip in the morning when I wake up and a deck to sit on. That’s sounding amazing about right now. The city is overwhelming me, and I want to just take time to relax and regroup. Like, really really relax. We need it.
11) My hair. It’s becoming a situation.
12) Fitness. I’m praying for a solid answer that I’m supposed to truly get certified at a personal trainer or not. I want it to be what I’m really supposed to do. Thinking and praying a lot about it, and so excited about the possibilities.
13) Our possible hike on Mount Rainier soon, I’ve been wanting to go for a long time, and I’m really excited to get out in the fresh mountain air.
14) How much I miss playing the piano and guitar, and how I need to pick the guitar back up. Which leads me to think about how excited I am for when we finally have a house and room to finally put my piano in it!
15) Which prints I want to get from Naptime Diaries our living room. (The linky thing wasn’t working, so you’ll have to Google if you want to check it out. I love her stuff and heart so much.)

There’s just a few thoughts! I told you there was a lot on my mind. I’ll go into more detail about a few of those things soon hopefully, but for now this will have to do.

Well, I’m now headed back home, with two cute guys there waiting for me.
I’m one blessed girl.

Summer Is Here!

Summer Is Here!

I’m a little late in saying this, but school is done for the year, and summer is here!

And what comes with summer being here is two whole glorious days off! During the school year, Evan works weekends, and is busy 7 days a week. It wears us out quickly, especially Evan. But we’re on a summer schedule of him working full-time and having Monday and Tuesdays off. It feels like we have so much freedom, and it gives us the boost we need to fill up on energy and get ready for another school year. ¬†I’m so thankful for all his hard work so that I can be a full-time Mama to Simon. Also, We’re the halfway point! Two more years to go and then Evan will be done with school! We can do this, we can do this…IMG_1779

The first couple years when quickly, with having a new baby, moving and settling into a new city. It will be fun to see what these next two years bring!

I started the summer off by flying with Simon to Oregon to visit my best friend¬†since high school for a little over a week. It was so good to catch up (since we’re terrible at talking on the phone) and being able to meet her sweet new baby girl. The boys had fun playing together (most of the time), and we loved the endless conversation and over-indulgence of iced coffees. Simon had a pretty rough time adjusting to a new house, different routine, and hotter weather. But about 5 or 6 days in (ha!) he managed to pull it together and was back to his normal, happy self. Which was a good thing, cause this Mama was going a little¬†crazy with being a single parent for the week and having a miserably fussy baby. It was a great trip though, and it a perfect start to the season.¬†IMG_1574

We have a lot of fun things planned for the next few months. So, hopefully I can stay up with it all on here! Since, I’m so consistent with blogging anyway ūüėČ

Here’s a few pictures of life recently:


{Sisters! We all showed up for a Memorial Day BBQ wearing patriotic stripes, and didn’t even plan it!}


{His favorite spot to sleep. Sideways, in the corner of the crib. I’ll bring him back to the center, and within a few minutes he’s curled back up in his spot.}


{Snack break at the sprinkler park in Oregon}


{He loved it. He’s definitely a water baby!}


{So glad to be back with Daddy after our trip! Simon spotted him right away, pointed and starting saying “Dad! Dad!” and then kept giving him hugs.}


{Father’s Day at Golden Gardens!}


{Peek-A-Boo with Don}


{Cousin’s crashing after playing hard.}


{A morning at the park with wonderful friends!}


{All boy.}



Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day.

I’m a little late to getting this up, but still wanted to write about my Mother’s Day this year!

First off, where last year’s Mother’s day was so so special because it was my first, Simon was only a few weeks old and I was still recovering from delivery, I had a very cloudy baby brain, and was exhausted. I don’t remember hardly anything from the day besides the fact that I was so excited to get a flower at church. I had always handed the flowers out to the mom’s at church growing up, and so to be on the other end of that was pretty fun. That’s pretty much all I remember. Evan and I couldn’t even remember what he got for me! Sad, I know, but that’s just the stage we were in!

This time around was so fun. Simon woke up around 6:30 and we brought him in bed with us. We all just chilled out for a bit longer, snuggled and played with Simon and finally got out of bed around 7. Evan gave me his gift for me…which I was kind of worried about. He kept prefacing it with, “I really hope you like it.” “It’s just odd, but I think you’ll like it….I hope.”¬†I didn’t know what to think! Was I going to have to grin and bare it, or was he just trying to get me to think it was something strange.

First, he gave me different magazine options to choose from to get a subscription too. I’ve never subscribed to a magazine…I feel like I’ve arrived to adulthood in a way. ūüôā His choices were great, from home decor and food to travel magazines. He knows me well. I thought that it was so sweet.

Then the other present was a gym membership! Now, you know why he was a little worried as to what I would think. “Happy Mother’s Day, Sweetheart! Go workout.” Ha! I have been wanting a membership since we moved up here, but just hadn’t gotten it yet. I was so excited! I have been working out at home with Fitness Blender, which has been great and I love the results, but I’m ready to step it up a notch and be able to get out of the house a lot more often too! Headed there today to get everything set up!

After breakfast, we went for a little walk to get coffee and then Evan got me African Violets. We came back, got ready and headed off to church. Evan’s parents met us there, which was a nice treat since they live about an hour away. After a wonderful service, we went out to lunch at BOOM I had been wanting to try for a long time, and it was great! It’s like modern Asian cuisine. So yummy. Then we grabbed some frozen yogurt and then went¬†home. We had a little time to spare before Evan went to work, so we relaxed for a bit. After he left, I just enjoyed my time with Simon. He was great all day, and we had fun playing together. He’s walking 75% of the time now. He’s still trying to figure out how to stand up on his own, without anything to pull himself up on, but he’s getting there! So fun to see him growing! After I laid him down for bed, I enjoyed a glass of wine and a little chocolate and relaxed until Evan got home.

It was a wonderful day!

I love that Evan and I get to be parents together. ¬†I love being Simon’s mom. I love our little family.

I’m blessed!